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【Clearance Sale】Ready Stock Skater Kanochikara 600ML露營炊煮便當盒 600ml / 850ml / 1000ml
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An outdoor series that the outdoor YouTuber "Kanochikara" and his followers have come up with! A durable aluminum methine with excellent thermal conductivity.

Since it has a handle for eating outdoors and camping, you can also cook as a cooking utensil such as a frying pan or a pot.

No seasoning required and ready to use!

The handle can be folded and stored compactly.

Lightweight and convenient to carry.

A fluffy lid that prevents the material from being crushed when the lid is closed.

Comes with cooking recipes for cooking rice, grilling, steaming, and simmering.


[Product size (approx.)]

External size: 129 x 197 x Height 66 mm
Handle length: 175 mm
Full capacity: 1000 ml
Weight: 235 g

External size: 122 x 182 x Height 61 mm
Handle length: 165 mm
Full capacity: 850 ml
Weight: 225 g

External size: 108 x 167 x Height 55 mm
Handle length: 150 mm
Full capacity: 600 ml
Weight: 185 g


[Quality display]

Body / lid: Aluminum alloy Plate thickness 1.0 mm

Stopper / handle: Stainless steel

handle cover: PVC

[Surface processing] Aluminum processing


* Microwave oven, oven, grill, IH cooking heater, automatic dishwasher, and dishwasher cannot be used.

* Do not store ingredients for a long time.

* When deep-fried foods, do not raise the oil temperature above 200 degrees.


● Made in China

* Spot-like and streak-like scratches on the inside of the product occur during the manufacturing process (during alumite processing). Please understand that this is not a product defect.

* The posted image is just an image. Colors, patterns, etc. may differ from the actual product.

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